Which Character from "Everybody Loves Raymond" Are You?

Steven Miller

Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

For a decade, the story of the funny, albeit extremely immature Ray and his dysfunctional family entertained us. Take this quiz to find out which member of the family you are.

How mature would you say you are?

How conventional are you?

How affectionate are you?

How into sports are you?

How responsible are you?

Would you consider yourself to be a whiner?

How funny are you?

How clumsy are you?

What kind of a parent are you?

How comfortable are you with physical intimacy?

How do you feel about the amount of housework you have to do?

How important is impressing your mother to you?

How well do you use guilt as a motivator?

How much of a procrastinator are you?

How gullible are you?

How good of a cook are you?

How smooth is your style?

How sexy are you?

How conscientious are you?

How likely are you to win an argument?

What's your views on immature men?

How confident are you?

What's your views on strong women?

How big of an eater are you?

Which quote sounds like something you might say?

How much of a gossiper are you?

What's your body type?

What are you like in an argument?

How neurotic are you?

How dirty is your mind?

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