Which Character from 'A Christmas Story' Are You?

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Pretty much everyone likes a good Christmas movie, and there is no doubt that "A Christmas Story" is one of the best. If you haven't seen it then you can just wait until Christmas rolls around again, because it's shown on TV all the time, as most good Christmas movies are. One cable channel even shows it for 24 hours straight! This movie was set in the '40s and gives everyone an idea of what growing up back then around Christmas time was like. The movie has a great script and fantastic setting, but what really makes this movie memorable is all the great characters.

Who can forget Ralphie? All he wanted was an air rifle for Christmas, but his mother, his teacher Miss Shields and even a Santa Claus at the local department store all tell him that he will put his eye out.  What about his dad, who was tormented by the neighbor's dogs and known as "The Old Man" or his loving but a little overbearing mother, or even Ralphie's two best friends, one of whom stuck his tongue on a flagpole, causing it to freeze. With so many cool characters, it will mean taking this quiz to find out which one you are the most like. 

After a long day, you come home and find out that dinner is an absolute flop. What is your reaction?

What is your favorite color?

Your significant other brings home a hideous leg lamp. What is your reaction?

When something you hold dear breaks, how do you handle it?

What is your favorite Christmas song?

On the way home from the Christmas tree lot, your car gets a flat tire. What do you do?

You catch your child swearing. How do you react?

A secret decoder ring is delivered to the house. What is your reaction?

When you decorate your Christmas tree in a group, what are you usually doing?

You go to a store to visit Santa. How do you react?

Someone in your family receives an ugly pair of pink bunny pajamas from your aunt. What do you do?

What is your ideal Christmas gift?

When you look outside, what is the first thing you see?

What is your favorite snack?

During the winter, what do you usually wear when you go outside?

What is your favorite candy?

What is your favorite kind of Christmas cookie?

Christmas dinner is getting served. What dish do you take the most of?

Due to your neighbor's crazy (yet super smart) dogs, you're eating dinner at a Chinese restaurant. How do you react?

When your Peking duck comes out with its head still intact, how do you react?

The local bully is looking to start a fight. What do you do?

Every Chinese meal has a fortune cookie. What would yours say?

If you were to take a class for self improvement, what would it be?

What was your favorite childhood game?

What kind of books are on your bookshelves?

Out of the television shows listed below, which is your favorite?

Out of each of the Looney Toons listed below, which one do you identify with the most?

If you were going to a movie theater, what kind of movie would you watch?

Which of the following songs do you identify with?

One of your friends has been dared to stick their tongue to a flag pole. How do you react?

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