Which Century of Dating Do You Belong In?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

Some people say that dating is hell, but what if it's not? What if dating is actually many circles of hell, each one ghastly in their own way? What if (shock horror) dating could actually be rather heavenly?

The way you experience the modern dating scene will depend on whether you find a way to navigate it that is morally, culturally and emotionally in sync with you. For those people who are all about enthusiastic consent, not judging and making your own rules, today probably won't bother you too much (ghosting notwithstanding). For those who prefer more rigid rules and expectations that take the guesswork out, clear up confusion and set the bar very high for what "counts" as a relationship, then today can be a special sort of horrible. The key is to figure out exactly what works for you and then use that information as a way to identify where those people are who want to navigate dating according to the same rules. We promise you, whatever you're into, there's definitely a pool of perfectly great people who want to do things the same way as you -- and isn't that a pretty great basis for a relationship, or at least a first date?

This quiz will help you to work out where you belong, dating-wise, so that you can find out who else lives there, and then hopefully have a fulfilling and fun time with them. Good luck!

Who should ask who out?

What counts as a "date"?

How involved are your parents in picking who you date?

How do you know it's serious?

Will it end in marriage?

What age is too young for a serious relationship?

How many partners do you expect to have in your life?

How should you ask someone out?

How do you tell someone you had a nice time?

How do you declare your love?

What is a good present to bring to a first date?

What's the best way to dump someone?

Is ghosting wrong?

Would you date someone who had a lot of exes?

Do you worry about dying alone?

How do you exit a boring date?

Would you ever be someone's "side" guy/gal?

If you're dating someone for eight weeks and haven't met their family, what does that mean?

What age is an average age to get married?

At what age is it weird to still be single?

How early on should you discuss children?

Would you date someone from another faith?

Do you have a chaperone?

Do you plan to live together before marriage?

Would you marry a divorcee?

What is a good enough reason to divorce someone?

What is the perfect gap between dates?

How long should you date before getting engaged?

What date is it appropriate to kiss on?

How many people is it OK to date at once?

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