Which Candy from "Candy Crush" Are You?

Khadija Leon

Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

When "Candy Crush" was first released in 2012, it took the world by storm. With almost everyone on the planet playing this game, let us find out which candy you are like.

How sweet are you?

Do you enjoy eating candy?

What type of candy do you like to eat?

How often do you eat candy?

How much candy do you eat in one sitting?

Where do you like to eat it?

Did you ever hide candy under your bed as a child?

The best type of candy has to be…

Do you like to share your candy?

What color candy are you attracted to?

Which of these things do you sneak into the movies?

Which of these levels have you beaten in Candy Crush?

Which of these games do you like to play?

How would you describe yourself?

What is your dream job?

How do you usually spend your weekends?

Where are you headed on a night out?

Which of these beverages do you like to drink?

If you could pick any of these places to go to, where would it be?

Which of these meals would you eat right now?

After you buy your lunch, you only have a few dollars left, what do you do with it?

Which of these cookies do you enjoy eating?

Which of these toppings would you put on your ice cream?

What is your favorite day to celebrate?

What type of weather do you prefer?

Do you go trick or treating?

Who was your favorite character from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?"

Which emoji do you use most?

Where do you post your pictures/videos?

Which of these pets would you get?

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