Which Breed of Horse Should You Ride?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

There's nothing as magnificent as a horse, and nothing as enjoyable as finding the right mount for you. It's important to start by picking the right breed. So go ahead and answer some questions, and we'll tell you which horse will trot or gallop with you!

Where will your horse live?

Who else will ride your horse?

Where will you ride your horse?

What's your horse budget?

Do you mind a high-maintenance horse?

What's your horse's temperament?

Will your horse be around other horses?

How sound are your horse's legs?

How much time will you spend grooming your horse?

What's the weather like where you're going together?

How will you dress up your horse?

What special activities might your horse do?

Where are your horses's ancestors from?

What color is your horse?

Is your horse good with kids?

Will you and your horse be competing at anything?

How surefooted is your horse?

Will you ever be staying out overnight?

All horses are beautiful, of course, but exactly how does your horse look?

Is your horse going to be yours for life?

How experienced a rider are you?

How much do you know about horse care?

Will someone else be doing most of the caring for your horse?

Do you mind a horse who might just throw you off sometimes because it felt like it?

How "bombproof" is your horse?

What life stage is your horse in?

What life stage are you in?

Do you hope to win prizes with your horse?

Will your horse need to be good around other animals?

Does your horse need to know any fancy gaits like working, medium, extended, or collected trot?

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