Which Branch of the Military Fits You Best?

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The United States military isn't just a bunch of infantrymen anymore. It's a massive, compartmentalized organization akin to an international corporation, a secret society, and a police department rolled into one. The US military has several significant branches most people are familiar with (USAF, Marine Corps, Navy, etc.) but countless specialties and departments within the military allow for the US to take full advantage of every talent and intellect available to its military services.

Since World War II, the US military has had to adapt to a changing world, at first separating the OSS from the military to create the CIA, and then separating the Air Force from the Army, and eventually creating such special organizations as USSTRATCOM, who oversee the US nuclear arsenal, and the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), for whom commandos of all branches work. For these jobs, the military seeks out individuals with very specific aptitudes, skill sets, and ambitions. In this way, the Department of Defense takes full advantage of everything its personnel has to offer.

Where do your strengths lie? How would you like to serve your country? Would you want to march on the front lines, or target people with drones from half a world away? Would you play Taps for the funerals of fallen comrades, or patch up wounded warriors on the battlefield? What job would suit you best? Take this quiz and find out!

Do you mind spending all your time abroad?

How good with arcane high tech are you?

How good of a puzzle solver are you?

How strong is your sense of right and wrong?

How willing are you to be deceitful on behalf of your country?

Do you mind being a desk jockey?

Do you want to be as busy in wartime as you are in peacetime?

Do you believe anyone is above the law?

Do you mind spending all your time in the US?

Do you mind having to stay in perpetual education to have your job?

Do you mind being seen as a bit of a Judas by some of your fellow servicemen and women?

How good are you with languages other than English?

Do you mind confusion among civilians about what it is you do?

Do you mind occasionally having blame dumped on you when something in the world goes wrong?

Does having to deal with internal military problems bother you?

Do you like the idea of being the tip of the spear?

Do you like the idea of working with other commands from all over the US military?

Do you want to take your military skill set, more or less unchanged, to a job in the civilian sector when you punch out?

How good are you at reading people?

Are you good at getting strangers to trust you?

How willing are you to die for your country?

How educated are you?

How much do you respect law enforcement?

How much are you willing to break the law to do the right thing?

How much do you like science fiction?

How nerdy are you?

How intimidating are you?

How smooth are you?

How creative are you with non-physical problems?

Do you stand and cover your heart for "God Bless America"?

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