Which Branch of the Military Should You Join Based on This Personality Assessment?

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The United States military is not an organization that is joined lightly. Being a soldier, a sailor, an airman or a Marine is not like getting a part-time job flipping burgers. First, recruits are trained and tested to the breaking point. If you have a trick knee or a bad back, you'll find out just how bad or tricky when a drill sergeant has you jumping over barriers in an obstacle course. Do you take criticism badly? Too bad! In basic training, you will be yelled at until you cry, and you will do push-ups until your chest gives out.

Once you get through your training, there is a lot to consider. Being a sailor, for example, means traveling all over the world, but have you considered how you would travel? As a sailor, you could wind up on an aircraft carrier or a destroyer, but you could also become a submariner, going weeks without seeing the light of day. Claustrophobia much?

Or if you become an airman, you might be a pilot, but if you are too tall, too nearsighted or too colorblind, you could wind up working in intelligence, or in the office of STRATCOM, who controls the US nuclear arsenal.

If you join the Army or the Marines, you will see a bit of everything, but if deployed, life will consist of long stretches of boredom punctuated with brief sequences of terror. Sure, you get to name your rifle, but would you rather the Afghan desert to gazing out from the deck of a frigate on the Indian Ocean?

Time to find out what branch fits you! Take this quiz and enlist, puke!

What sort of sights would you like to see in your travels?

How much gear do you think you could carry?

If you aren't the best at something, what do you do?

Would you like to be a reservist?

How proficient are you with technology?

Are you a glory hound?

Are you willing to get a tattoo?

How's your emotional intelligence?

What job would you want, on a team of special operators?

Are you OK with having a job adjacent to the men and women who get all the glory?

How much would you like to specialize?

In what accent color do you look best?

How much time do you want to spend living overseas?

How important is it that civilians know what you do?

What sort of extreme outdoor sport sounds most appealing?

Which of these ideas really terrifies you?

What physical strength do you consider your best?

In which kind of fight would you do best?

What ancient military do you most admire?

How important to you is personal cleanliness?

Do you have much of an interest in tackling jobs that don't involve physically confronting the enemy?

After you retire from the military, what sort of job would you consider, working for the government?

What sort of civilian industry do you find the most appealing alternative to a military career?

What sport do you like best?

What vacation activity sounds best?

What inspires your esprit de corps?

What is your worst physical shortcoming?

How hard are you willing to work, academically, to be an officer?

How close to the combat zone do you want to be?

What specialty sounds the most interesting to you?

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