Which Bob's Burgers Character are you?

Amanda M.

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About This Quiz

How well do you know the characters of "Bob's Burgers?" So well that you even imagine that one of them is your long lost doppelganger? We've compiled a quiz that will tell you if you should have been born into the "Bob's Burgers" family. Take this quiz to find out which character you most resemble.

Sure, this is just for fun, but we all know that you identify with one of the "Bob's Burger's" characters, or you wouldn't have clicked on this quiz. To hear Facebook tell it by the number of memes that are posted, a ton of people identify with Tina, the monotone oldest child of the Belcher family. 

Tina is socially challenged, which most of us can identify with, and is probably why she's the subject of a ton of memes. Tina is a friend of zombies, which most of use can also identify with... at least we could when we think of the fact that Tina is a teenager, and many of today's teenagers are, well, zombie-like. So, is it Tina you most identify with, or one of the other characters, including Bob, Linda, Gene, or Louise?

Let's get started with this quiz to find out.

What would be your favorite attraction at Wonder Wharf?

What burger would you eat?

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite type of movie?

Aunt Gayle is displaying her somewhat obscene art in your workplace. What do you do?

What Halloween costume would you wear?

You end up in Mr. Frond's office. What did you do?

What is your love story so far?

What television show would you watch?

What is your favorite Thanksgiving activity?

What is something you can't live without?

Jimmy Pesto's just advertised a special at the same time you did. What do you do?

Reflections, the local art store, is having a sale. What do you buy?

What club would you join?

What is your hobby?

What is your biggest dream?

If you had an enemy, who would it be?

It's Christmas time. What activity do you see yourself doing to prepare for the season?

You head into the local Fresh Feeds grocery store. What aisle do you head to first?

Imagine a cheeseburger. What part of the burger would you be?

The authorities are looking to shut down your restaurant. Why?

It's Valentine's Day. What kind of gift do you give to your significant other?

What is your favorite animal?

It's Lobsterfest and everyone is celebrating. What are you doing to enjoy the festivities?

If you could go on a vacation, what kind of vacation would you take?

What kind of books do you read or have on your bookshelf?

What subject would you excel at in school?

If you went on a camping trip, what would you bring?

A family member has decided to create a Bed & Breakfast in your home. What do you do?

Art Crawl, the town's art fair, is going on. What kind of activity do you see yourself doing?

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