Which Bird Sings to Your Soul?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

If humans could communicate as beautifully as birds, the world would be a much sweeter place! Luckily for you, there's a bird deep inside you singing a song to your soul. Your soul's bird keeps you calm when the storms of life blow through, and it soothes you with its melodic version of therapy.

When a bird sings to your soul, you are given the same sense of peace and inspiration that you feel when you hear a bird tweeting in the morning. A bird's song is almost as beautiful as a sunrise, and it gives us an audible notification that every day is a brand new day. After we learn about your traits, your love for birds, and how your soul operates, we think we'll be able to pair your soul with the bird that sings you through your every day.

Your soul might be quick like a wren, but a blackbird might be the one holding you together with its sweet song. As you read our questions, look deep inside yourself for the answers. Once you have finished, we will tell you which bird sings you through life and help your soul soar all the way. Which bird will it be?

What part of your life would you like to improve?

Are you a nervous flyer?

Which bird is the prettiest?

Do you feed the birds during winter?

Do you eat like a bird?

Which animal are you like in the mornings?

Which bird makes you giggle?

What would you name a pet duck?

What is your best quality?

What's the best way to eat an egg?

Which room of your home is most like a nest?

What do you like most about birds?

Which superpower would you love to have?

Are your feathers easily ruffled?

Which famous bird do you like most?

If you found a feather, what would you do with it?

Have you ever played Duck, Duck, Goose?

Which word describes your soul?

Are you more spiritual or more religious?

Would you like to own chickens?

What part of the turkey tastes the best?

Which predatory bird is most frightening?

Are you as wise as an owl?

How do you feel about Peeps?

Which singer do you like most?

Are you a good singer?

What kind of music relaxes you?

Do you prefer flamingos or ostriches?

What does your best friend have in common with a bird?

Which mythical bird do you know most about?

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