Which Bird of Prey Are You Really, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality?

Gavin Thagard

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There is something marvelous about watching a bird of prey soaring through the sky, with their wings split like a glider as they rely on the air to keep them afloat, with their eyes peering towards the ground looking for the next target to attack. Glued to the ground, humans can only look on and wonder what it would be like to soar with the raptors of the sky.

Have you ever wondered which bird of prey you might be if you morphed into one of those vengeful angels? From eagles to hawks to vultures to owls, every predator of the air has a unique personality that best fits them just as humans do. Which of these personalities best matches yours? Are you an opportunist who prefers to wait until the time is right? Are you more of a risk-taker who isn't afraid to put themselves out there? Maybe you are neither, and instead, you just rely on instinct because you would rather not worry too much.

No matter your personality, there is a bird of prey to match it. If you are ready to find out which bird best matches you, take this Myers-Briggs personality test and we will tell you just that! 

Are you someone who is always on time for events and engagements?

Do you have a very large circle of friends you spend time with regularly?

Do you enjoy jobs that are faced-paced and require a lot of work?

Are you the first to act when a new circumstance arises?

Do you believe that compassion is the foundation of the world?

Will you break the rules for a better outcome?

Are you easily excitable?

Do you tend to rely on your emotions more than your brain?

Do you ever reflect on human destiny?

Do you struggle to commit to a single decision?

Do you exhaust yourself thinking about the cause of something?

Are you someone who acts immediately rather than waiting?

Do you tend to rely on instinct rather than planning?

Do you prefer to spend your free time socializing in groups?

Are you one to fully plan out your actions before following through with them?

Do you allow your feelings to influence your actions?

Are you an expert when it comes to communication?

Do you tend to waste more time than you use effectively?

Do you need alone time after being in a social setting?

Do you tend to rush through a job?

Are you one to wear your emotions on your sleeve?

Will you speak up even if your opinion isn't popular?

Do you show sympathy towards others?

Do you believe justice should outweigh mercy?

Do you tend to easily fall into new social groups?

Do you believe experience should be placed above theory?

Would you rather read a book than go to a party?

When you're around people, do you prefer to be the center of attention?

Are you committed to making deadlines?

Do you prefer hands-on experience over reading about something?

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