Which Bill Murray Character Are You?

Steven Miller

Image: Collage, Carl Spackler, Dr. Peter Venkman, Phil Conners

About This Quiz

Whether you're just taking baby steps out into the world or yours is a true Cinderella story, this quiz will determine which classic Bill Murray character best matches who you are.

How neurotic are you?

How organized would you say you are?

Do you believe in ghosts?

Do you ever feel like your life is stuck in a rut?

Would you prefer to live in the city or the country?

How much of a leader are you?

How willing are you to try new things?

How friendly are you?

What are your feelings about sailing on a boat?

How often do you take a shower or bath?

How likely are you to seek counseling?

What are your feelings on the sport of golf?

How much do you like the watch The Weather Channel?

What's your highest level of education?

How likely are you to buy a self-help book?

At what pace do you like to move through the world?

How likely are you to start your own business?

How picky are you?

How suave are you?

How likely are you to be the hero of the story?

Are you taking baby steps or big giant leaps?

Which decade fits you the best?

How good are you with animals?

How would you describe your love life?

Which of the following best describes your work?

How do you feel about setting off fireworks?

How brave are you?

Which activity sounds most appealing to you?

Which season fits your personality the best?

How much of a problem is driving angry for you?

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