Which Biblical Man Will You Marry?

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The Old and New Testaments are filled with exceptional men who have answered God's calling and followed their own, unique path. In this quiz, we're going to match you up with the biblical personality that seems most likely to lead you to happily ever after.

Perhaps you're someone who has a dark past, and you consider yourself to be born again in many ways. If you have had an intense experience that helped you to see the light, it's starting to sound like Paul (formerly Saul) might just be the man for you. If you are zealous in your faith and doing missionary work sounds highly appealing to you, then it is even more probable that he's going to be your match.

If you're more drawn to a humble and reluctant leader who has some pretty phenomenal abilities, thanks to his close connection to God, Moses seems like a great fit for what you're looking for. If we tell you that your guy can be a bit moody, but that he has regular mystical experiences that guide his path, it's pretty clear that we're narrowing in on the biblical hero for you.

Your result is beginning to take form in that burning bush over there. Let's see what it has to say.

How would you feel if you found out your significant other had a dark past?

How fervent of a believer do you want to be with?

Would you like to go and do some missionary work with your husband?

Would you rather that he was a great writer or a gifted speaker?

Do you enjoy riding horses?

How important is compromise to you in a relationship?

Of the following, which book of the Bible has had the greatest impact on you?

Would you be more attracted to a leader or a follower?

Would you be more or less likely to date someone who openly admitted to having had a mystical experience?

How well do you follow the Ten Commandments?

Which of the ancient elements is most appealing to you?

How would you feel about being with someone who was moody?

Would you rather be married to an optimist or a pessimist?

Of the following, which biblical place would you most want to visit?

Would you rather be with a king or someone who is a lot more reluctant to lead?

How attractive is wisdom to you?

Is it important that your man stays in good shape?

Do you think your man could be "God's Favorite"?

Are you attracted to musicians?

Are you more of an Old Testament or New Testament kind of person?

Which of the following apostles of Jesus do you relate to the most?

Would you tend to steer clear of a person who seemed to have calamity following them around?

How important is the characteristic of loyalty to you in a partner?

How do you generally deal with difficult times?

Do you frequently feel like God is testing your limits?

How patient does your man need to be?

Would your husband need to be someone with great courage?

Which holy day fits your personality the best?

How big of a wedding would you have?

How important is a good sense of humor to you?

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