Which Biblical City Do You Belong In?

Mark Lichtenstein

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Biblical cities had far more to offer ancient citizens than you might think! In fact, each city has its own unique traits and features with which you might find yourself feeling quite at home. Whether you are politically motivated or you pay more attention to changing technologies, biblical cities had something for everyone! 

Just like modern cities, each biblical city had its own set of concerns and issues. From warring neighbors to upholding religious beliefs, living in a biblical city was not for the faint of heart. By examining your personality traits, your lifestyle, and the things you appreciate in a location, we're sure we will be able to find the biblical city you would feel most at home in. You might like to party like the folks of Sodom or you might prefer a more peaceful like offered in other parts of the world. Either way, you are sure to be a perfect fit in one of the world's oldest cities. 

You do not need to subscribe to any particular religion to fit into a biblical city, as they were and are far more diverse than is commonly discussed. Let's learn about you; then, we'll tel you which place you belong! 

Do you like to have a good time?

Are you big into politics?

Are you very religious?

How ambitious are you?

Do you like being at a crossroads?

Do you crave meeting new people every day?

Do you like wide open spaces?

Are you a fan of interesting architecture?

Do you like having contact with a much larger culture?

Are you cool with pluralism?

Are you nice to strangers?

Do you ever get in the way of someone else's idea of a good time?

How many languages can you speak?

Do you like taking on big projects?

Do you mind making God mad?

How do you want stories about your home to be viewed?

Do you mind living someplace few have heard of?

Is it important to you that the place you live continue to exist in some form?

Which American city would you like to live in?

Which European city would you like to live in?

What festival do you like best?

What do you do for a living?

Are you good at negotiating?

What sport would you like to see?

What food do you like?

Which animal do you like best?

What class do you belong to?

How educated are you?

What industry do you work in?

Do you mind the occasional massive war?

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