Quiz: Which Beverly Hillbillies Character Matches Your Personality?
Which Beverly Hillbillies Character Matches Your Personality?
By: Monica Lee
Image: CBS

About This Quiz

Who among us doesn't love a rags-to-riches story? Throw in some squirrely characters, some hilarious lines like, "madder than a barefoot centipede on a hot rock" or "harder than braiding a mule's tail during fly season" and you see why this show was on for nine seasons with high ratings to boot!

These characters would make anyone laugh out loud. There's Granny who was always flying off the handle and carrying her "roomatiz medicine" (moonshine). Then there was the sweet and innocent tomboy Elly May with her crazy critters, like a hippopotamus (what granny calls a giant hog)  and two pet chimpanzees called Skipper and Bessie. Jed had his clever observations and humorous one-liners. And "Miss Jane" would swoon over Jethro, as only she could do. The shenanigans the Clampetts got into knew no bounds. In each episode, you'd look forward to what job Jethro was working or what situation was making Mr. Drysdale sniff a stack of bills to remain calm.

Whether you see yourself as a tomboy or a prim and proper secretary, take this quiz and find out which kin folk suits you best. Once you find out, you'll be "happier than a gopher in soft dirt." Well, tarnation! Git started now!

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Do you have a crush on someone in your circle of friends, or co-workers but would never admit it?

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Would you rather spend the day hunting animals, cooking animals or playing with the animals?

11 of 30
Would you rather whittle all day or eat all day?

12 of 30
What physical features do you look for in a partner?

14 of 30
How would a friend describe you?

15 of 30
How would an enemy describe you?

16 of 30
What's your favorite thing to wear?

18 of 30
If you could change the world, you would make it more ___________. How would you fill in the blank?

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What would you like your catchphrase to be?

24 of 30
What's your favorite car make?

25 of 30
Which of these physical features do you wish you had?

28 of 30
What's your favorite meal of the day?

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