Quiz: Which Basic Element Are You?
Which Basic Element Are You?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

In some astrology practices, it is believed that the universe was formed from the four elements. These four elements play major roles in ancient civilizations such as Greece, China, and India. Philosopher Aristotle proposed a fifth element, aether, or quintessence, but we'll leave that out for today! Aristotle also tried to group the elements together by categorizing them as hot/cold or wet/dry. While this makes sense, these basic elements hold even deeper meanings! 

If you look at your zodiac sign, aspects of it include your own basic element. Aries and Leo are associated with fire while Aquarius and Gemini are air. Regardless of if you were born in March or June, which basic element do you connect with?

For those who are warm and spirited, you'd probably be most like fire. Everyone wants to get near your captivating spirit! If you live a rather simple and uncomplicated life, you might be like water! Going with the flow is your specialty! Instead, are you like grounded, in touch with nature, and thoughtful, like earth? Or are you flighty, creative, and always seeking new things, new people, and new places, lke air? 

Take this quiz and we'll tell you which basic element you connect with!

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