Which "Band of Brothers" character are you?

Mark Lichtenstein

Image: The Movie DB

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"Band of Brothers" is one of those cultural touchstones most Americans remember. Watching the show was gut-wrenching, and we all had a character or two we identified with. The question is: is that the character who you are?

Do people naturally follow you?

Are you good in a crisis?

What is your refuge?

Do you have any vices?

Would your friends consider you reliable?

Are you well liked?

Are you good at your job?

How determined are you?

How are your communication skills?

How is your judgement?

Are you a tough guy?

Do others think you complain much?

Do you sound like where you are from?

What is your preferred weapon?

What would you consider the high point of your military career?

Will you stay in the service after the war?

What state might suit you to go home to?

If you had your druthers, what would you get up to at The Eagle's Nest?

Are you good in the cold?

What's your rank?

Will you be easily remembered?

Will you make it onto the front of the box set?

Are you memorable, as a character?

Would playing your character be a good jumping off point for an actor's career?

How good do you look in your uniform?

What fictional soldier do you identify with?

What real soldier do you identify with?

What song shall you sing as you go off to war?

Who is your sweetheart?

How do you feel about spies?

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