Which Back Road Adventure Should You Take in Your Truck?

Mark Lichtenstein

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Every American, truck owner or not, has a fantasy of the great, bootstrapping, individualist adventure they will take their truck on. We fantasize about hopping in the pickup and facing the great outdoors like the rugged explorers we imagine ourselves to be. The question is, which back road adventure is right for you?

Assuming you don't have a truck, what would you love to do on a weekend, as a treat to yourself?

If you owned a truck, how important would its power be to you?

If you owned a truck, how important would its off-road capability be to you?

If you owned a truck, how important would its overall sportiness be to you?

If you owned a truck, how important would its mileage be to you?

Do you like cold weather?

Do you like to see lots of sites when you travel, or do you prefer to focus on one or two?

How competitive are you?

How much do you love America?

Are you cheap?

Do you want to see nature?

Do you not mind so much what you see so long as it goes past at high speed?

Do you want to travel in extreme comfort?

Is it the journey or the destination that matters to you?

After your victory in your truck, how would you celebrate?

What is your favorite celebratory drink?

What is your favorite food?

Does the phrase "opposite lock" hold any meaning to you?

What are you taking with you on your back-roads trip?

What do you think the roots of Nascar are?

What do you think they call pickups in Australia?

In what state would you buy your pick truck?

Other than your pickup truck, what's your dream daily driver?

What really frightens you?

Who would you bring with you on your back-roads trip?

What kind of pet would you have?

Do you know how to do maintenance on your vehicle?

What's your budget?

Do you have shame?

How rough and ready are you?

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