Which Australian Predator Matches Your Dark Side?

Ian Fortey

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Australia has a reputation for being a seriously dangerous and terrifying place. It's full of spiders and snakes that are as deadly as anything you'll find anywhere on Earth, not to mention plagues of mice, scorching hot summers, floods, dingoes and even a plant called the Gympie Gympie that will sting you and cause pain for months. Months! Yeah, Australia can be a pretty inhospitable place. It's perfect for your dark side.

Most of us don't want to admit it, but of course, we all have a dark side. There's a part of us that is just a little bit sinister sometimes, a little bit malevolent when we get pushed. It's crafty and wicked and probably not super fun at parties. But it's in there. And it's natural. Want proof?  Answer a few questions about yourself, and we'll distill your dark side right down into the most applicable and appropriate comparison of all - a deadly Australian predator. 

Are you more venomous spider or ravenous hunter? Are you quiet and stealthy and loud and brash? Dig into the quiz and answer as honestly as you can and before you know it we'll match your dark side up with one of Australian's most dangerous predators. Take the quiz and see!

Your phone dies right in the middle of an important conversation. How do you react?

You've been expecting a package in the mail. Your neighbor tells you they saw someone steal it off the porch this afternoon. How do you deal with that?

You come out of work and see a big scratch down the side of your car in the parking lot. Now what?

Your significant other hands you a gift. It's your anniversary, and you forgot. How do you deal with this?

What do you do if you were watching a Netflix show with someone and they watch a couple of episodes without you?

You're planning to order dinner and ask everyone else what they want. They say "anything is fine." What do you do?

You're heading down the street on a cold day and see someone slip on some ice. How do you respond?

You have about 500 channels on your TV and have been channel surfing for 15 minutes because nothing is on. How is this even possible?

A friend is in a jam and asks you if they can borrow a sizable chunk of money. What will you do?

Someone at work went into the fridge and ate the lunch you brought. What's your next move?

You've been driving on the highway for hours and finally spot a gas station where you can use the restroom. You get in there and it's absolutely disgusting. Now what?

It's the height of summer and your A/C dies. How do you deal with it?

You find $20 on the ground, but just as you pick it up, someone says it's theirs. How do you respond?

You have a big family gathering and someone starts questioning your life choices. Again. Now what?

Say you were in a really bad way and you needed to steal just to survive. Would you?

How would you respond if a total stranger challenged you to a fight on the street?

Have you ever thought about how you would defend yourself if someone tried to attack you?

It's three o'clock in the morning and you hear someone break into your house. What do you do?

How easily do you fly off the handle when you're angry?

If you're out for a drive and you hear a siren behind you, what's your initial reaction?

Your boss calls you into the office to let you know that, because of cutbacks, you're being let go. How do you react?

If you were going on vacation and the airline lost your luggage, what would you do?

Suppose you discovered that someone you're living with has used your toothbrush. What now?

The same telemarketer has called you ten times in one day. What happens on call number 11?

People are trying to start some drama on social media that doesn't even have anything to do with you. How do you respond?

What's your typical reaction to stubbing your toe?

Whether or not you're a sports fan if you were going to watch a sport, what would it be?

You ordered a pizza and it showed up with the wrong toppings. What happens now?

Has your anger ever gotten so out of control that has actually concerned you?

What makes you really happy in life?

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