Quiz: Which Australian Predator Matches Your Dark Side?
Which Australian Predator Matches Your Dark Side?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: Georg Karbus Photography / Cultura / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Australia has a reputation for being a seriously dangerous and terrifying place. It's full of spiders and snakes that are as deadly as anything you'll find anywhere on Earth, not to mention plagues of mice, scorching hot summers, floods, dingoes and even a plant called the Gympie Gympie that will sting you and cause pain for months. Months! Yeah, Australia can be a pretty inhospitable place. It's perfect for your dark side.

Most of us don't want to admit it, but of course, we all have a dark side. There's a part of us that is just a little bit sinister sometimes, a little bit malevolent when we get pushed. It's crafty and wicked and probably not super fun at parties. But it's in there. And it's natural. Want proof?  Answer a few questions about yourself, and we'll distill your dark side right down into the most applicable and appropriate comparison of all - a deadly Australian predator. 

Are you more venomous spider or ravenous hunter? Are you quiet and stealthy and loud and brash? Dig into the quiz and answer as honestly as you can and before you know it we'll match your dark side up with one of Australian's most dangerous predators. Take the quiz and see!

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