Quiz: Which Astronomical Body Are You?
Which Astronomical Body Are You?
By: Tori Highley

About This Quiz

Many people look up and see the stars and wonder about the mystery of life or feel their insignificance against the vastness of space. Others look at the stars and think of all the scientific discoveries and resources waiting to be revealed.

It's amazing how something so bright and so dynamic such as a star could be formed from two gasses, about 71% hydrogen and 27% helium, with tiny amounts of other elements such as carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and iron. Stars shine by burning hydrogen into helium in their cores, and later in their lives create the heavier elements mentioned. Meanwhile, non-solid (gaseous) planets are made of trapped helium, hydrogen and water. Those planets which are solid are made of rock formed from minerals like feldspar and metals like magnesium and aluminum.

How do these astronomical bodies relate to you? Some burn bright, some quietly circle each other and there are others that possess similar attributes to sociable personalities. The more you learn about these outer space objects, the more you'll notice the similarities. 

Find out more about the enchanting night skies and how they fit your personality to a "T". Take the quiz now and learn which astronomical body is most like you! 

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