Which Astrological Sign Are You Destined to Marry?

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Even if we don't believe in astrology, most of us know our astrological sign and what it stands for. It is always fun to find out how well we match what the stars say. Do the traits of your astrological sign match how you view yourself? If not, do they match the traits your friends see in you? 

For those who are not familiar with Western astrology, each of the 12 signs represents different traits found in people. A quick rundown of traits reveals that Aries are brave, confident, and enthusiastic. If you're looking for someone reliable, practical, and to act as a stabling force, you can count on a Taurus. Are you looking for someone who is curious and affectionate? Maybe your perfect mate is a Gemini. Those who want someone who is emotional and tenacious will find that Cancers suit them well. If you are looking for a funny and generous partner, find yourself a Leo. Virgos are for those who value kindness and hard work. Those who need someone who is outgoing to compliment their shy personality will find that Libras will get them out of their shell. If you're looking for someone passionate and loyal, find yourself a Scorpio. If you prefer someone generous, a Sagittarius may suit you better. Looking for someone who is disciplined and responsible? Find a Capricorn. Want someone independent and caring? Turn to an Aquarius. Last, but not least, Pisces are compassionate and artistic.  

Not sure which astrological sign is your perfect mate? Take this quiz to find out!

If you were offered your dream job, for what company would you work?

Who had the biggest influence on your life growing up?

Which trait do you find most attractive in a partner?

You're going on your honeymoon. To which of these world-class cities are you going for romance?

For your wedding, which of the following songs would you choose as your first dance?

How many children are you going to have?

You're standing in an airport looking at the book stand for something to read. What genre are you browsing?

If an agent called you up and said you were chosen to host a show, which show would it be?

When people ask you for the greatest movie of all time, which of the following do you feel deserves the title?

If money wasn't an issue, which high-end car would you be driving?

What profession do you imagine your significant other having?

You've worked up the courage to try an extreme sport. Which one is it?

To which high school clique did you belong as a teenager?

A movie you've been highly anticipating is coming out next week. When do you see it?

You're nominated for an Oscar. In which category is it?

If you held a world record, for what would it be?

If you were going to buy yourself a piece of jewelry, which gemstone would it have in it?

What ice cream flavor is the most inciting?

What is your favorite mode of travel?

If you could be an expert on any subject, which one would it be?

Which chain restaurant is your go-to when you're on the run?

Where do you see yourself living in retirement?

Your office is having a party. What are you providing?

What is the minimum amount that should be spent to impress a date?

Your significant other is taking you to a place you've always dreamed about. Where are you going?

It's Valentine's Day. What do you expect your significant other to buy you?

Your significant other won a raffle to eat dinner with a celebrity. Who are you dining with tonight?

In which after-school activity will your kids participate?

You're adopting a pet with your significant other. What are you adopting?

When you're on a first date, who pays?

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