Which Apex Predator Is Your Kindred Spirit?

Isadora Teich

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Apex predators are also known as alpha predators or top predators, and they serve a very specific niche in the natural world. These fearsome predators sit at the very top of the food chain. This means that they have no natural predators and are free reign to stalk, hunt, swim, run, or laze about as they please. While most animals on earth live their days in fear of becoming the lunch of one of these hungry predators, apex predators have no equal when it comes to danger.

Apex predators can be found in all sorts of biomes, habitats, and countries around the world. Often their strength, size, speed, or intelligence gives them an edge over the rest of the natural world. In fact, some argue that man is the ultimate apex predator. However, while it is mostly our tools and ingenuity that give us an edge, apex predators in the wild may have hundreds of teeth or emit poisons from their body. 

Apex predators in the wild play a crucial role in keeping ecosystems healthy and thriving. They stop overpopulation and help to maintain biodiversity. If you want to know which fearsome apex predator is your kindred spirit, sink your teeth into this quiz!

Which would you rather be able to do?

Which of these describes your personality better?

How do you prefer to eat throughout the day?

Which fabric would you rather wear?

Which iconic movie villain do you like best?

How interested are you in serial killers?

Which type of horror films do you prefer?

Which of these would you prefer to eat?

How important is the way you dress to you?

Which Asian city would you rather visit?

How do you like to eat eggs?

Which obscure super power would you rather have?

Which entertainment career would you rather have?

What scared you most as a kid?

Which condiment do you prefer?

What do you do to relax most often?

How do you usually communicate with people?

What subject did you prefer in school?

Which flavor do you prefer?

Which cult movie do you like best?

Which describes your type best?

What fast food place has your heart?

Can you swim?

How much of a coffee drinker are you?

Do you like to travel?

Which accessory do you wear most?

Which are you most interested in?

Which pet would you rather have?

Are you into cars?

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

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