Which Animal Is Your Familiar?

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In European folklore of medieval and early modern times, animal familiars, sometimes called animal guides, would help witches and healers conduct their magic. While they typically assumed animal forms of the likes of cats, rats or birds, they might occasionally also appear as a human or ghostly figure. Benevolent familiars assisted folk healers in spreading health and wellness, while malevolent ones would allegedly assist witches in ghastly horrors. 

In one tale by Walter Raymond, the white witches and cunning folk of Exmoor in Somerset practiced magic with familiars deep in nature. On a night of the full moon, they listened carefully for the first animal sounds they heard first; then, they would attempt to contact this animal. To do so, they visualized burrowing into the physical being of this creature so as to experience the world from a new point of view. Eventually, this psychic bond strengthened, and the two could work together in magical harmony. 

French philosopher and esotericism specialist referred to such a being as a "familiar spirit," also known as an "alter ego, doppelgänger, personal demon, personal totem, [or] spirit companion." Today, many modern-day "witches" and Wiccan practitioners have adopted the concept of animal familiars. 

So, which animal familiar guides you? Is it the goat or a raven, a cat or a bat? Take the following quiz to find out which furry, feathered or scaled familiar speaks to your unique spirit. 

How would you like your animal familiar to assist you?

Where do you hope to stumble upon your animal familiar?

Maybe your familiar could also help out with some practical tasks. What else do you hope they can do for you?

Let's say that your animal familiar will assist you in the invocation of a spell. What type of conjuring would you like to cast?

In particular, which one of these hexes sounds ideal?

Let's say that a stranger observes your animal familiar. How will your familiar respond to them?

You and your animal familiar just might relocate somewhere new together, wouldn't that be fun? So, where would you like to settle down?

Which of these would you love in an animal friend?

Which of these mythological beings would you most like to meet?

If you could trade places with any animal for one week, would you do it?

Which one of these places sounds the most terrifying to you?

Let's say that your animal familiar delivers you a special message of clairvoyance. Which fortune would you most like to hear right now?

Everyone needs a little support now and then. What do you find you often need help with?

In order to channel your animal familiar, you must first harness an unwavering focus. Which method would you like to use along your journey to heightened spirituality?

Which one of these material items do you covet most?

Are you more of a solitary being, or do you prefer to be in the presence of others?

Which of these qualities do you most appreciate in those closest to your heart?

Most likely, your familiar already has a name given to them in their own animal language. Weird, I know. But if they didn't, what would you name them?

One of the perks of having an animal familiar is that they can help you obtain superhuman strengths. Which one of these newfound abilities would you like?

Which of these mystical crystals would you like to harness your powers from?

In general, how many times do you try and fail at something before you give up?

Which of these good luck charms would you like to help bring you good fortune?

Whether you're superstitious or not, which of these bad luck signs might worry you the most?

Time to break out the tarot deck. Which Major Arcana card do you hope you draw?

Which of these ritualistic activities would you like to partake in with your animal familiar?

Everyone excels at something. Which one of these do you consider your greatest personal strength?

Are you more of a tiny, medium or big dog kind of person?

How much faith do you place in your intuition?

Everyone has something they could improve upon. In which of these areas could your familiar extend a little good grace?

In addition to your animal familiar, which of these Greek gods would you like to help guide you?

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