Which Ancient Symbol Reflects Who You Are?

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Ancient symbols were so much more than ways to communicate with one another. Some experts, like Carl Jung, say that those symbols also represent something in our subconscious. They were certain forms of thought that were able to transmit or influence thoughts or feelings in others. Some even go so far as saying that these symbols are the "blueprints of our souls." Given how spiritual ancient cultures were, and how they relied on forces outside of their control for many things in life, this is very believable. 

Ancient symbols were also a way to represent people's beliefs, so a lot of symbols are religious or depict some kind of god or leader. A lot of these symbols are still used today, and while the meaning of them may have shifted, the symbol remains mostly the same. The things that you believe in and what you like to do can also correlate to these ancient symbols. Of course there are the obvious ones like the Star of David and the cross, but there are more unique and interesting ones that you may have never even heard of that connect with you on some level. So which ancient symbol reflects who you are? Take this quiz!

If you could live in any ancient culture, which one would you choose?

What are you the most grateful for in your life?

Do you think there was anything wrong with the way you were raised?

If you could know definitively where you'd be in 5 years, would you want to know?

Are you the kind of person that needs a lot of attention?

Do you have a good relationship with your family?

What's your favorite thing to share with your significant other?

At what point in your life did you feel your best?

What kind of walker are you?

Do you talk with confidence when you're talking to people you don't know?

When you go places, do you like to make an entrance?

In what environment do you like to work?

When you're falling asleep, in what position do you initially fall asleep?

What's the most common dream that you have?

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Out of the five senses, which one would you voluntarily give up if you had to?

What kinds of tv shows would be on your own personal television network?

Who do you turn to when you're feeling down?

Which skill would be really helpful to you right now?

Do you think going to college was worth it?

What part of history do you think is the coolest?

When you're looking to settle down with a good book, what are you reaching for?

If you could pick an Egyptian god to be in this life, who would you want to be?

Is there a popular symbol that you feel connected to?

If you could judge one type of competition, which one would it be?

Could you live without all of your modern technologies?

Do you believe that Zodiac signs can really say anything about us?

Are you a resourceful person when put in a survival situation?

Would you have been royalty in a past life?

Do you wear jewelry as a significant way to show your personality?

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