Which American Accent Do You Have?

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You can stumble on an accent in more than one way in life. When you learn a new language, you start trying to speak it according to the rules you know for your own accent. To native speakers, you're going to have a seriously noticeable accent. If you doubt that, listen to someone from another land speak your language. They have as much of an accent to your ear as you do to them, probably. That's just how accents work. Of course, there's a second way accents work, and that's when everyone speaks the same language, but the place they live in alters their speech patterns. The way that people in Texas sound different than people in Boston. The way a Cajun accent is different from a Hawaiian accent. We may be all speaking English, but there are some clear differences in how it all comes together.

We feel like there's a good chance we can figure out what kind of American accent you have if you just run down a few questions for us so we can get an idea about who you are. It may sound impossible but don't doubt us! We're good at this kind of thing. Now take the quiz and see!

Nothing tells you more about a person than how they like their pizza. What do you want on yours?

Let's head outside of America. What's your favorite accent out in the world?

Someone's offering you season tickets for your favorite team in literally any sport you like. What sport are you choosing?

Snapchat just went down! Where are you heading to kill some time?

How many different social media profiles do you have, anyway?

How many selfies do you figure you snap in the average week?

If you had the chance to move to Riverdale, would you take it?

It's your first day at Hogwarts. Where's the Sorting Hat sending you?

Are you an animal person? Let's hope so because it's time to pick a pet!

If you could only get together with your family for one day out of the year, what day would it be?

Comic-Con is a pretty big deal every year. What would you cosplay as if you were going?

Are you a gamer? What's the best way to play?

Would you rather see the movie or read the book?

What do you most like to do on a Saturday afternoon?

We're heading to the beach for a day. What are you going to do in the water?

Tell us what you call that little lobster-like guy that you might find in some Cajun cooking.

Of course, if you're not a fan of the water, you'll need to find something else to do at the beach. Pick an activity!

What are you most likely to be doing at a party?

Would you eat ever eat snails?

If you're at home alone watching some Netflix, what genre are you most likely to hit up?

Someone puts a can of carbonated, sugary beverage on the table in front of you. What would you call it?

If you're in the market for some fast food, where are you headed?

How do you like your BBQ sauce?

If you're talking to all your friends at once, what are you saying?

You like pecan pie, right? But how do you pronounce pecan anyway?

What are you snacking on when you hit up a movie theater to catch a flick?

Where would you most like to hang out with your friends if you had the chance?

What kind of vacation did you go on the most when you were a kid?

When the holidays roll around, do you have a big family gathering or not?

Pick your musical genre!

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