Quiz: Which '80s Song Is Your Theme Song?
Which '80s Song Is Your Theme Song?
By: Amanda Monell
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About This Quiz

Many think that the 1980s were the dawn of the Digital Era. New technologies were popping up in almost every avenue of life. From heart transplants to compact synthesizers to personal computers to DNA mapping, no one could deny that the 1980s were a big deal. Fashion was no exception, with bright colors littering the landscape, forever changing how bright neon was. And with the loud fashions came even louder music.

During the 1980s, music was fun, catchy, and most notably, dance-able.  Instead of performing live, a lot of the hits had music videos, each with a bigger production budget than the last. To show the world what the true definition of a music video was, Michael Jackson released "Thriller," the third video from the album of the same name in 1982.  Directed by John Landis and special effects guru Rick Baker (director and Academy Award-winning makeup artist for "An American Werewolf in London"), it was destined for great things. These men helped bring Michael Jackson's horror-movie themed video to life. With horror icon Vincent Price providing voice overs and a 45-minute documentary following it, this was on its way to being a masterpiece.  

It wasn't just the men spending big bucks on videos. Madonna had a slew of tuxedo dressed men in her "Material Girl" video. For the next, she had a lion and trips to Venice and New York for her "Like a Virgin" video. She even had a contest in the later '80s for the bragging rights (not to mention $25,000) for creating the concept for her video, "True Blue."  

So in the time of big hair and bigger personalities, which song would be the theme song of your life?  One way to find out is to take this quiz!

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