Which '80s Fashion Brand are You?

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The wild and dynamic '80s gave us some of the most cutting-edge fashion we will ever see! If you were an iconic '80s clothing brand, which one would you be?

Which item of clothing are you pickiest about?

Which '80s hairstyle did you rock?

Did you wear leg warmers in the '80s?

Where are you most likely to shop for clothing?

Which '80s musical artist makes you want to dance?

Have you ever used a scrunchie?

Which '80s actress do you think had the best sense of style?

Which '80s movie was your adolescence like?

Would you feel comfortable at a red carpet event?

How would your coworkers describe your daily attire?

What is the most important accessory you can add to an outfit?

Where do you get most of your style ideas?

Are you more comfortable in a skirt or in jeans?

What kind of jacket do you like most?

What do you think was best about the '80s?

Which '80s hunk do you think is most attractive?

What brand of sneakers do you think are most comfortable?

How would you describe your current haircut?

How would you dress up a pair of jeans?

Do you get dressed up for office parties?

What do you wear to sleep?

Which fashion city would you most like to visit?

Which '80s band did you like most?

What kind of sports do you like best?

What cosmetic item could you NOT live without?

Which '80s supermodel do you look most like?

What '80s video game did you like most?

What '80s sitcom had the most fashionable cast?

Which character from "The Goonies" were you most like growing up?

Which decade influences your own personal style the most?

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