Which '70s Pop Star Are You?

Steven Miller

Image: Collage; Donna Summers, David Bowie, Linda Ronstadt

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Lace up your platform shoes, we're going back to the age of bell-bottoms, flashy outfits, and long hair. Will you be more of a disco queen or a legend on the piano? Let's find out!

Are you more masculine or feminine?

How flashy do you like to dress?

Which music genre is most appealing to you?

How deep of a thinker are you?

Which musical instrument is most appealing to you?

How would you describe your sexuality?

Which '70s dance move is your favorite?

How loud are you blasting the music from your 8-track tape player?

How likely are you to try acupuncture?

Would you play with a cork pop gun?

How likely are you to wear some Daisy Dukes?

How appealing is having a dashboard hula girl in your car to you?

Are Earth shoes, a '70s shoe designed to help you walk more naturally, appealing to you?

Does EST Therapy, where others break you down before building you back up, appeal to you?

Gee, does your hair smell terrific?

How likely are you to try the '70s trend of trying to eat glass?

How big a fan of "Happy Days" are you?

How likely are you to purchase some Mexican Jumping Beans?

The price of gas is way up, how likely are you to buy a moped?

How likely are you to purchase a Pet Rock?

What are your thoughts on platform shoes?

Are you a fan of "Rocky Horror Picture Show"?

Which '70s saying fits you the best?

What are your thoughts on the first "Star Wars" movie?

How likely are you to engage in some naked streaking?

How appealing is the fad of String Art to you?

Are you a fan of the video game "Pong"?

How appealing is riding around in a Trans Am to you?

How much would you like the '70s toy called "Wizzers", a spinning top device?

How likely are you to take up surfing?

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