Which 60s Song Really Describes Your Life?

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The 60s were an incredible time. There were more changes made in that decade to the culture of America that had never happened in any other decade before or since. There was a lot of amazing music in that decade as well, and a lot of those songs from the 60s are still some of the most popular of all time. It's hard to even turn on the radio now without hearing some totally cool tunes from the 60s. 

Some of the reasons that these songs have stayed relevant are because they were just so darn cool, but it's also because they told some great stories, ones that are still relevant to our lives today.

Which 60s song describes your life the best? There are a lot of cool ones to choose from. Do you have the secret agent vibe of "Goldfinger?" Are you at a crossroads in your life? If so "Like a Rolling Stone" might be the one that tells the story of your life. 

Or maybe it is possible that you're "Dazed and Confused" or just maybe you're in the type of situation where you can't get no satisfaction no matter how hard you try, but let's hope not. Take this quiz to find out which 60s song describes your life.

How optimistic are you feeling?

Have you completed your education?

Are you still living in your hometown?

Are you good under pressure?

Do you long for the good old days?

Does commercialism bother you?

Do you ever interact with law enforcement?

Are you pretty hardcore?

Do you ever wish people would just mellow a little?

Are you concerned about the state of the world?

Do you have far too much college debt?

Have you ever been unlucky in love?

Do you ever want to stop the world so you can get off?

How much are people annoying you just now?

How religious are you?

How happy are you?

What TV shows do you watch?

Who's your role model?

Are you close with your family?

Do you know your vocation?

Do you have a hobby?

Assuming you know your vocation, do you spend any time working on it?

How's your job?

Are you making progress?

How do you feel about Tinder culture?

Is modern life too busy?

How do you feel about your car?

How jaded are you?

Do your friends worry about you?

How ambitious are you?

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