Where Will You Find Love?

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Whether you believe in the One or the few, or even the many, in today's complicated world it's difficult to be sure of running into that person. Back in the days when people spent most of their lives within a 10-mile radius of where they grew up and a large social circle was anything over a hundred people, of course, it was easy to assume that you probably weren't going to meet someone who was just right for you, and thus settling for the closest available match made logical sense. These days, we have much higher expectations and many more tools to make them happen, which raises the bar — but it also raises the chance of meeting that bar.

There is one complication that goes beyond simply meeting the right person, or one of the right people: timing. If you meet them when one of you has college or military service to complete, or one of you is sick or has recently ended a major relationship, then you can end up having a good thing go wrong. This means it's even more important to have plenty of options for finding the right person so that you don't miss them when you are both available and ready for love. Where might yours be? Let's find out!

How often do you ask someone else out?

What sort of online spaces BESIDES dating apps do you visit?

Would you date someone you couldn't avoid if it ever went wrong?

Have you ever had a relationship last longer than a year?

What's the first thing you ask a potential romantic prospect?

Why did your last relationship end?

If you asked a friend, why would they say you're single now?

Has a friend ever set you up?

Do you know your company's policy on employee dating?

How set are you in your current routine?

How many dating apps are in your phone?

Would you let your mom set you up?

If you're honest, how many dealbreakers are on your list?

Do you have a pet that needs to be walked?

How long have you been BFFs with your closest circle of besties?

Are you a member of a gym?

Are you involved in any political or charitable causes?

Do you have a "local" pub or cafe where you know other regulars?"

Would you be open to dating someone who wasn't a good match "on paper"?

Do you mind talking to strangers?

What sort of hours do you work?

How did your parents meet?

Are you still in any sort of education (including evening classes)?

Do you believe in The One?

What do you consider to be a real date?

Have you ever gone abroad on your own?

What is the worst way for a prospective date to get your attention?

If it's just not working for you, do you find it easy to let people down gently?

In what sort of working space do you spend time?

How important it is that your friends and family like your boo?

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