Where Do You Fall on the Scale from Tame to Wild?

Brian Whitney

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All of us are different when it comes to how we are in relationships and in the bedroom. Some of us are as vanilla as they come; we like to stay in just one relationship our whole lives, we like things tame, we like things mellow. This goes for the bedroom too; a lot of people aren't even the slightest bit adventurous, and there is nothing wrong with that, people should be comfortable being just as they are.  

But if people should be comfortable being just as they are, that goes for the wild ones too. The people that are absolute freaks in the bedroom, and who show no fear when it comes to jumping from relationship to relationship.

What about you? Are you the type that blushes at the thought of being spanked, or do you keep a paddle in the trunk of your car, you know, just in case? Are you the type of person that totally freaks out at the thought of being cheated on, or are you the type that wants to be in an open relationship? We guess the question really is, where do you fall on the scale of tame to wild? Take this quiz to find out. You might want to take off that blindfold first. 

Do you want an open relationship?

Do you like being blindfolded in the bedroom?

Has your significant other ever walked in when you were with another person in bed?

Where are you on the dominant scale?

How many people have you lived with as partners?

Do you act on your fetishes with your partner?

Have you ever kissed, or been more physical, with two people the same day?

Have you ever used handcuffs in bed?

How many one night stands have you had?

Have you ever cheated on your partner?

Have you ever had a long term affair?

Have you ever spanked or been spanked?

What kinds of fantasies do you have?

What movie might you watch?

Have you called people up to talk dirty?

Have you ever sent your significant other a naked picture of yourself?

Have you ever sent a stranger a naked picture of yourself?

Have you ever gone to a nude beach?

Have you ever gotten nude at a non-nude beach?

Have you ever done it in public?

Have you ever done it at work?

Have you ever had an affair with your boss?

Do you role play?

When you were a kid, did you ever sneak out of the house to meet a date at night?

How would friends describe you?

Have you ever woken up with someone and not remembered where you are?

Have you ever gone out with one of your friends' exes?

Has anyone ever described you as "trouble"?

How many hearts have you broken?

Has your heart ever been broken?

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