What's Your Vampire Power?

Zoe Samuel

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Vampires have been a part of the world's folklore for centuries. Initially believed to be what we could call zombies that rose from the grave, it was thought they could only be killed by nailing them to the ground with an iron rod and decapitated.

Literature gave vampires a broader scope as characters and more powers. Today, vampires from our stories can move with lightning speed, control the minds of mortals, turn into mist, or bats, or wolves. In some stories, vampires are necromancers, or warlocks, or warriors. In others, they are simply hedonists looking to get their next blood-fix.

A vampire's power differs from other supernatural gifts in two distinct ways. First of all, it usually reflects the personality of the vampire in some way, giving them the power to overcome their personal shortcomings. Secondly, the power usually comes at some cost, often causing some trait to wither and die, like mind control destroying the vampire's empathy.

If you were drained of vitae, fed the blood of a vampire, and raised from the dead, how would you turn out? Would your natural aptitudes lead to the ability to fly? Would you be impervious to damage? Would you control the hearts and minds of men? Take this quiz to find out.

What do you find yourself doing in your dreams?

Do you ever wish you could go back in time to fix your mistakes?

Do you find you have trouble communicating?

Are you chronically late?

Do you feel confined by your job?

Do you feel like no one listens to you at work?

Do wish you were more athletic?

Are you fascinated by the past?

Are you curious about others' motivations?

How mercurial is your personality?

What class of person would you never feed on?

Which supernatural flaw would you be willing to take in order to be a vampire?

What sort of mortal enemy would you want to have?

Would you seek power in the mortal world?

Would you be hedonistic?

What would you be able to do with eternity that you can't do now?

What country would you want to live in?

Would you want to live with other vampires?

Would you try hard to retain your humanity?

Would you respect the much older vampires?

What would you be saddest to lose, as a vampire?

How worried would you be about monster hunters?

How would you fortify your home?

What sort of building would you choose to live in?

Would you engage in criminal activity?

How would you find your blood "donors"?

How would you change your look for your new life as a vampire?

Would you seek out other supernatural creatures?

Would you still work at your current job (assuming you could do it at night)?

What would you miss the most about the daytime?

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