What's Your Spirit Vegetable?

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Kids are always told that eating their vegetables will help them grow big and tall. But if that was what made you grow, why did they taste so gross? No kid wants to sit at the table until they're done eating their spinach and peas when there's cartoons to be watched and house to be played. But vegetables are a key part of life, especially if you're trying to figure out your spirit vegetable. This is the vegetable that you've always liked, no matter what. The one that you feel is you in vegetable form. It's not always going to please people, but that's not the point.

Which vegetable makes you feel your best? Believe it or not, not all vegetables are healthy for everyone. Some are too fibrous, while others can cause an allergic reaction. If you always make people sick to their stomach, then maybe that's the vegetable for you, but we highly doubt that! Answer these carefully designed questions to constantly keep you thinking about you, your life and the vegetables you like or dislike. That way, we'll be able to tell you what your spirit vegetable is. Don't believe us? Take the quiz now and find out for yourself!

When you first meet someone, how do you present yourself?

Which vegetable would you never order as a side dish?

Do you find yourself holding grudges often?

Were you a picky eater when you were growing up?

In normal text conversation, which food emoji would you use the most often?

Of all the food competition shows out there, which one could you see yourself winning?

Do you cook dinner more than you go out to eat?

Would you rather eat spicy food, sweet food or generally savory food?

Which hobby could you spend hours working on?

Do you have fond memories of your childhood?

What's the best gift someone could give you?

How would you sum up your personality?

Thinking of your typical weekend, what does it normally consist of?

Who would you take on a dream vacation?

When you're in the mood for a chill movie night at home, what are you most likely watching?

Do you think that the first impression is the best way to judge someone?

Which of the hairstyles below do you think suits you the best?

If you had to choose the perfect date for your personality, what would it be?

Let's talk veggies. Which one do you eat the most of?

Have you discovered your spirit animal?

How do you think your family would describe you in an article being written about your life so far?

Which genre of music are you rocking out to in your car on a warm summer day?

On the color wheel, which color has the best tasting foods?

What's the best thing someone could pair with vegetables that makes them taste extra delicious?

Is there a vegetable-forward dish that you can't live without?

If someone had to find you in a crowd, could they do it easily?

When you order takeout, what's your go-to cuisine to order?

Do you think spicy chocolate is an abomination to the food world?

Do you try to eat vegetables every day?

If someone were to compare you to a vegetable after meeting you once, which one do you think they would pick?

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