What's Your Skin Tone?

Teresa M.

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About This Quiz

You take great care of your skin, and it shows. Let's find out exactly what your skin tone is called. It will help you determine the best shades of makeup for your complexion!

Which color palate would you choose for eyeshadow?

Do you have a complicated skin care routine?

Can your skin tone handle bright colors?

Do you have any problems with your skin?

Are you photogenic?

How often do you moisturize?

What color family does the majority of your wardrobe fall into?

What SPF does your skin require?

What natural substance would you consider adding into your skin care routine?

What food do you think your skin tone most resembles?

How would your friends describe your skin tone?

Do you try to get a tan in the summer?

Which shade range do you need for foundation?

Which word best describes your eye color?

Which area of your skin requires the most attention?

How do you look when you wear black?

Do you think your hair color is flattering for your skin tone?

Which skin tone do you think is most beautiful?

Have you researched the right colors for your skin tone?

Which skin care company do you trust most?

Which celebrity's skin tone is closest to your own?

Which gemstone is the most flattering on your skin?

Do you regularly examine your skin for irregularities?

How do you deal with blemishes?

Which skin care product would you refuse to live without?

Do you buy products geared specifically for your skin tone?

When is the last time you had a facial?

Do you often wear pastel colors?

What has changed about your skin over the years?

Do you use a lot of anti-aging products?

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