What’s Your Signature Makeup Color?

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Many people express their inner personality through nail designs, accessories, fashion choices and, of course, makeup colors. In fact, there are a wide variety of makeup colors that may be used to add subtle enhancements to certain facial features. But if you prefer a more daring approach, you may like makeup colors such as jet black, sunny yellow or grassy green. At the end of the day, it all depends on your inner personality!

When it comes to makeup colors, it's also important to think about your skin type. Everyone has a certain skin type, and these typically include normal, oily, dry and combination. Many makeup and skincare products are specifically tailored for such skin types, and it's important to know what certain labels mean (such as "hypoallergenic" or "non-comedogenic"). Some makeup gurus have also garnered fame for creating abstract (and even scary) makeup looks for specific holidays. Others are known for creating subtle illusions using the techniques of contouring and highlighting. But don't worry; you don't need to be the next Bobbi Brown to take our makeup quiz! All you need is a basic appreciation for the concept of beauty to get matched to a specific type of makeup color!

You've won a free makeup product of your choice from Sephora! Which of the following are you going to choose?

Let's talk about piercings for a moment! Which of the following piercings would enhance your overall look?

Everyone has some type of aura that makes them unique. Which of these aura traits do you resonate with the most?

If you could change your name to one of these Disney princesses, which one would you choose?

Show off your sense of adventure to us! Would you rather hike on a flat trail or on a steep mountain?

Let's talk glitter. Do you give glittery makeup products a thumbs up or a thumbs down?

Which of the following images would you want tattooed on your arm?

If you were an employer who needed to hire someone for a job, would you ever consider hiring a person with pink hair?

Are tribal clothing patterns out of style, or are they a fashionable way to make a statement?

Is your social circle as big as the state of Alaska, or is it as small as Rhode Island?

Which of the following would you rather own: a private jet or a superyacht?

Fill in the blank: The most fashionable season of the year is _________.

Superheroes may be beloved for their personalities, but which one has the best sense of style?

You've just been scouted to become a model! Which modeling route would you like to embark on?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how much confidence do you have in your inner beauty?

When it comes to beauty sleep, how many hours do you need every night to feel refreshed in the morning?

Do you prefer to paint your nails with just one type of shade, or do you like to experiment with nail art designs?

Would you say that your personality is more like the city of Los Angeles or New York City?

If your life was playing a theme song in the background, which of the following would it be?

Would other people describe you as a great dancer, or does this sound wildly inaccurate?

Which of these movie titles would be an accurate title for your current life?

If beauty doesn't come from within, where else could it possibly come from?

Everyone has a certain type of face shape that makes them unique. What's yours?

Do you think that skin flaws are an aspect of beauty, or does this sound like a big lie?

Pretend that your life is like a rainbow. How many colors would be on this particular colorful path?

Let's say that your personality was like a flavor of Skittles. Which of these flavors would it be similar to?

Super serious versus playful and silly: Which one describes your overall personality?

Imagine your personality as a bottle of fragrance. What would it smell like?

You're having a bad hair and skin day when you suddenly see Ryan Reynolds in the distance! Are you going to talk to him?

Fashion brings out unique features in everyone, and we want to know what your sense of style is!

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