What’s Your Royal Title?

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Humans have been ruled by monarchs for literally thousands of years. Once we established a society to the degree that we could form towns and collectives of individuals working together, some people started to realize we all needed leadership. A ship without a captain will steer itself right into a whale or whatever. Someone has to step up and make decisions. And sure, maybe today we can look at that and say everyone needs a say and we should vote or at least have a leader we vote for who can make decisions on behalf of everyone. That's a modern take. 

Back in the day, it was often the strongest who got to make the rules, because if you didn't listen you wouldn't live long enough to regret it. And soon that came to imply these people were special. Chosen, even, by divine powers. They had the right to rule. And so it was. We may not all believe that anymore, but there's a long legacy of royals all over the world and they all had some pretty great and powerful titles. So if you were among that upper echelon of society, what title do you think you'd be sporting? Let's find out!

Castle life has to get boring, that's why jesters exist, probably. What's keeping you entertained?

Do you know how many songs about queens there are? There's a lot. Pick your favorite!

If a monarchy isn't an option, what's the best form of government?

They can get a little ostentatious sometimes but would you wear a crown?

Is it better to defend your lands or conquer new ones?

As it stands right now, do you ever find yourself in charge of groups of people?

Do you consider yourself a good leader?

Do you like working with people in a group?

Be as honest as you need to be here. Are you able to be fair in making decisions or do you tend to favor yourself and your friends?

You can't please all the people all the time no matter what. How do you deal with critics?

How did you get your title anyway?

The world has seen a lot of kings come and go. Pick the best one!

Disney has proven that everyone loves a princess but they're not the only princesses out ther,e. Pick your favorite fictional princess!

They're not quite kings yet, but they're still important. Pick the best prince!

All royals get nicknames whether they like it or not. All of these are real! Pick the one you could stand having.

Seems like royalty should live in a castle somewhere. Which castle seems most striking to you?

Why choose a king when you can choose a queen? Who's your favorite?

If you had the choice, would you work in an office at a computer or outside using your hands?

Are you known for having some epic parties?

Do you have decent organizational skills or do you need a hand keeping things in order?

What title do you wish you were rocking as an everyday citizen?

If you get into a heated exchange with someone and you know it's escalating, are you going to throw the first punch?

The word "royal" shows up all over the place. What's your favorite royal thing?

As a proper royal, you need somewhere to sit and rule over the folks. What kind of throne are you sporting?

The Queen in England has a lot of corgis. What's your royal pet of choice?

Overall, would you say you have a lot of friends?

Royals need to communicate with the people! What's your social media app of choice?

King Arthur has probably shown up in more movies than any king in history. What's the best film about him?

If you had to be the ruler of a fictional land, which one would you choose?

In the game of thrones, you win or you die. Rough, right? Which house would you have been a part of?

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