What’s Your Nordic Spirit Animal?

Marie Hullett

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Norse mythology harbors numerous tales of weapon-wielding, magical gods and goddesses that battle to the death and save the day. While much of these legends focus on the deities, behind each one lies a special animal guide. From orcas to caribou to horses, there are dozens of animals that serve as pillars of support during the most challenging obstacles in the gods' and goddesses' lives. 

If you've watched "Game of Thrones" or "Thor,"  you already have a taste of the chaos and destruction rife in Norse legend. Even outside of Hollywood, ancient manuscripts, folk traditions, and archeological sites reveal grandiose tales of  the gods, often with a mythical animal guide by their side. Without them, they wouldn't be able to conquer evil and protect humankind. 

Although many sources of Nordic mythology, such as the famous "Poetic Edda," are derived from as early as the 13th century, these spirit animals live on in both legends and real life today. In fact, these animals continue to guide each and every one of us, day after day. So, do you know who guides you? Is it the sly red fox or the majestic narwhal? The burly wolverine or the otherworldly kraken? Take the following quiz to find out! 

Everyone has them. What's your biggest pet peeve?

Finally, you can hop in a spacecraft and go wherever your heart desires. Which planet will you visit?

If you could, which mythological creature would you most want to meet?

You're back in English class, and it's time to read a classic. Which book do you hope you're assigned?

If you had to choose, which sense would you go without?

It's time to cast your vote for the next James Bond! Which highly speculated actor is your top pick?

Which element speaks to your soul?

You never know when you might have to enter video game caliber combat. Which weapon do you want to wield for your battle?

Life is piling on the stressors, once again. How do you respond under pressure?

Which gemstone do you want to slide on your finger?

What do you do with a long Saturday with no plans?

Movie time. Which animated classic will you watch?

You're about to take off on an epic adventure. What will it be?

Where do you stand in your sibling lineup?

You have to compete in an intramural tournament tomorrow. Which sport do you feel most confident competing in?

Which sugary cereal will you pour in your bowl at the breakfast buffet?

You're headed to the humane society. Which breed of dog do you want to adopt?

You have an important decision to make. How do you approach it?

On a scale of 1 to 4, with 1 being the worst and 4 being amazing, how much are you lovin' life right now?

Congratulations! You have the opportunity to build your dream home in one of these four places. What will it be?

Your BFF is asking for advice. What type are you best at serving up?

Which painting do you want to hang on your bedroom wall?

You have to quit your job and start all over. What's your new profession going to be?

It doesn't matter how brave you are—everyone's afraid of something. What's your fear?

You're basically a superhero. So, which superpower will you choose?

Which celebrity breakup are you kind of devastated about?

Uh oh, you and your friend are in a fight. How do you usually respond to conflict?

You get to be the weather god in your area for the day! What's the forecast like?

Forget barbecue or sour cream and onion. Which weird Lays flavor are you willing to try?

Finally, it's time to unwind. Which relaxing activity will you pick to de-stress?

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