What’s Your NFL Nickname?

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When it comes to football, there are many different kinds of nicknames out there for top performers.

Some of the greatest nicknames are simply shorter versions of the player's name combined with an adjective that describes them or the way they play. For example, look at "Big Ben," an apt name for a QB who stands 6'5" and weighs over 240 lbs. Another classic in this category is "Broadway Joe," a nickname that fits not only Joe Namath's team, the New York Jets, but also his career as a TV and stage actor.

Some of the more creative nicknames are the ones that depart entirely from a player's name, commenting only on their style. "Beast Mode" is arguably the premier example of this kind of nickname in the modern sport, a great label for the incredibly hard-to-tackle Marshawn Lynch. Going back a few years, "Sweetness" is another top option for encapsulating the smooth, elegant running style of Walter Payton.

It's good fun to check out the nicknames of real players, but what about you? What would your nickname be if you ever made it to the pros? In this quiz, you can be whatever position you want. Just tell us about yourself and your pigskin choices, and we'll give you a nickname that matches. No guarantee that it'll catch on at work, however.

We'll kick off your NFL fantasy with an easy one. What position would you play?

What kind of city would you want to play in?

Which of these famous NFL quarterbacks would you want to be running your huddle?

Which of these names would be your ideal head coach?

What would be your most important attribute on the football field?

Would you want to play both sides of the ball?

How would you handle dealing with reporters and the media?

Would you ever be willing to take less money to help your team compete?

What color uniform would you most want to wear?

Do you want your nickname to be a noun, adjective, or verb?

Would you spend a lot of time signing autographs for fans?

Who would you want as your defensive coordinator?

Which of these big plays would you most want to make in a game?

How would you celebrate after your team won a big game?

What would be your traditional pregame meal?

What kind of music would you be listening to for motivation?

Who do you think is the best person to come up with a nickname?

Do you think that someone should ever be allowed to coin their own nickname?

NFL careers are notoriously short. What would you do after retiring?

Would you want to get married and have a family, or enjoy being a single athlete?

Which of these famous football plays do you admire most?

Of the four NFL teams below, which do you like the most?

NFL players have some nice whips. If you could drive any kind of car, what would it be?

Would you ever think about bending the rules in a game?

How much time would you spend studying and memorizing the playbook?

Which common football drill do you think you would perform best in?

How would you talk trash to opposing players?

What kind of endorsements would you most want to pick up?

What kind of agent would you hire to represent you?

How would you feel about playing in cold weather?

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