What's Your Most Compelling Personality Trait?

Brian Whitney

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All of us are made up of a bunch of different personality traits, but every single one of us has one that really stands out above all the rest. While there are a whole bunch of different types of traits that we can recognize in ourselves, do you think you can recognize the one that others notice most about us? Because let's face it, when it comes to ourselves sometimes we don't really know what is going on as well as we think that we do.

Are you the type who is really open to new experiences, and who is always ready to learn new things? If so, you're probably also full of imagination and insight. Or maybe your most compelling insight is the fact that you're really conscientious, that you have a high level of impulse control. love structure and pay a lot of attention to detail. Could your most compelling personality trait be that you're extroverted? If so, you love being the center of attention, have a ton of energy, and have all sorts of friends. Or perhaps that one big trait is that you're agreeable, that you have great empathy toward others and care about the world around you. Take this quiz to find out.

Do you consider yourself to be creative?

Would you be afraid to quit your job without something else lined up?

Do you like abstract art?

How many serious relationships have you been in?

Would you stay in a relationship even if it was bad?

What would you most likely be doing at the beach?

How many countries have you been to other than the one you live in?

Which of these kinds of music do you like best?

Do you like to be prepared for things?

Do you worry a lot?

Do you like having a regular schedule every day?

How messy is your place?

Do you always use protection?

Do you ever borrow things and not bring them back?

How many times have you been fired?

Do you care a lot about everyone in your life?

What percent hippy are you?

Do you worry about the world?

What political party's platform is most like you?

Would you help a stranger in need?

How often do you insult people?

Do you ever manipulate people for your own gain?

Do you like to be noticed?

How often do you talk to strangers?

Are you into extreme sports?

How many good friends do you have?

How many parties have you gone to in the last year?

Do you feel uncomfortable sitting at a bar alone?

How funny are you?

What is the longest you would like to spend all by yourself?

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