What's Your Intelligence Type?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

It was once believed that intelligence took only one form, that this form was easily measurable, and that anyone who did not manifest intelligence in this manner was not smart at all. Eventually, this paradigm began to change. With time, proper IQ tests were developed, and when people who were evidently intelligent did not do well on IQ tests, ideas began to emerge that intelligence was about a lot more than recognizing the relationships between a mess of colorful puzzle pieces.

Now we know that intelligence does not take one form. It does not take two forms, or even ten forms. There are dozens of forms of intelligence, some very specific to certain tasks. There are people in what most would consider blue collar jobs who possess very high intelligence, but that intelligence may only be applicable to their narrow task, so it isn't valued as it should be. There are people with very high intelligence that relates only to personal interactions, and that intelligence may lie in reading people, but since it is very hard to measure, it may be overlooked by those who measure intelligence. Still other folks are unable to prove how smart they are because they simply do not perform well in test conditions, for psychological reasons that have nothing to do with intelligence.

How can you know what type of intelligence you possess? Easy. Take this quiz!

How well do you do in academic testing?

How do you fare at networking parties?

How well do you understand bureaucracies?

Do you find decorating a new apartment relaxing?

When something in your house breaks, what do you do about it?

How comfortable are you with strangers?

How comfortable do you feel with computers?

What is your creative outlet?

How much time do you need to spend with the instructions for new gadgets?

How often are you successfully duped?

You're on top of a tall building, looking down on a large crowd. What do you think of?

What was your best subject in school?

How did you hone your natural talents?

How many real friends do you have, that you keep up with and see regularly?

When you enter a building, do you just sort of know your way around without thinking about it?

What strength allows you to make a living?

How easily do you bond with a machine's "personality"?

How confident do you seem in job interviews?

How well do you understand software?

How many performance or craft skills do you have?

How easily can you size up a torx screw?

How sensitive are you to when others are in pain?

Are you comfortable with abstract thinking?

Under what circumstances do you do your best work?

How much of your job requires tools too big to carry in an attache case?

How well do you remember the names of others?

When a plan breaks down, how well can you adapt?

When you demonstrate your intelligence, how often do you get accused of showing off?

What sort of injury would prevent you from being able to work?

How often do people tell you that they were looking forward to seeing you?

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