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Do you think you lack a home interior style because you can't identify it within traditional labels? Maybe this quiz will reveal the actual genius of your decor.

Having no specific home decor style actually is a style if it's which of the following:

Unlike a hodgepodge of furniture in varying styles, eclectic decor takes a variety of styles and makes them work together. Creating something stylish with color groupings, arrangements of like items from different periods and pairings of things that contrast is what makes eclectic decor so unique and personal.


"Flea-market chic" is NOT this:

Finding unique bargain pieces to complement your own style never goes out of style no matter your budget. Shabby chic is often synonymous with flea market chic and describes decorating with thrift and bargain items. Parisians are among the internationals who frequent flea markets for odd and elegant finds to enhance home decor.


Which of the following would be an example of a world home decor element?

Decorating with items that are representative of the international places they come from is part of world style. A poster of cervezas in a room covered in Mexican blankets could totter into the world category, as could a Chinese-themed room with decorative arts from China, but a shower curtain doesn't quite transport you to another locale.


Orange shag carpeting and pea-soup-green couches aren't everyone's cup of tea, but they are part of this retro-period style still copied today.

Though most decades have color trends that come and go, watching TV sitcoms from the 1970s will confirm the orange and avocado of that decade.


Someone who appreciated international style might have a chair made by this famous architect.

All three architects, Mies, Corbu and Breuer, designed furniture to complement the clean open room plans and modern materials of the international style of the 1920s to 1940s.


One reason that retailer IKEA can provide affordable modern furnishings is because they do the following:

Having been in the business of modern home design for more than 60 years, IKEA sells most furniture pieces unassembled in boxes to save on costs. They do sell a lot of meatballs in their international stores, where you can pick up a copy of their enormous print catalog, but they would not condone child labor. In fact, they are active in the fight to improve the lives of children in partnership with UNICEF and others.


Truly good home decor obeys the following rule:

"Must," "should" and "only" are not the best friends of decorating. Taking tips on styles, periods and colors can shape how you put your rooms together, but they are your rooms for doing what you like, either with a little or a lot help from more experienced designers.


Minimalist style is best suited to what type of people?

While some minimalists are extreme -- getting rid of everything and sleeping on the floor -- a minimalist style can just mean less stuff and better organization. Having clever storage for putting away toys and keeping surfaces from too many knickknacks is an example of living minimally, and having only select pieces of furniture and objects can make for easy cleaning, like it or not.


If you love being surrounded by velvet curtains, pom-pom trimmed furniture and plenty of pillows, you probably lean toward this style.

Victorian style carries over elements of the posh, sumptuous and cluttered vibrancy of the Victorian era.


Which of the following is a TLC TV show with home design tips?

While we're all about taking the fear out of home decorating and making a mess while doing it, Home Made Simple gives tips for improving your home and overall lifestyle.


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