Quiz: What's Your Hippie Name?
What's Your Hippie Name?
By: Steven Miller
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About This Quiz

Put some flowers in your hair and bask in a peaceful and groovy feeling. We're heading back to the '60s to find out what your true hippie name should be.

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Peace, love, or dope?

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Are you more water, air, earth, or fire?

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Would you ever live in a commune?

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What's your spirit animal?

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How likely are you to take part in a protest?

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Which rock band of the '60s is most your style?

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How likely are you to take part in some spiritual chanting?

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How often do you go to the farmer's market?

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Which astrological sign is most appealing to you?

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How much are you into meditation?

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Which chakra is the most active for you?

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