What's Your High School Style?

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Think of the best four years of your life. Yeah, we're not talking about those. Instead, we're throwing it back to high school! In between getting your driver's license and working up the courage to ask your crush to prom, you developed your high school style. The person you were on your way to becoming who you are today. At the time, your high school identity seemed like the only thing that mattered. But now, you're an adult, andoh no, how quickly you've forgotten. 

Whether you're coming up on your 10-year or 50-year reunion, take this quiz to remember where you fit in among your peers. Or, maybe you do remember your place but never felt right in it. Who were they to deem you a dumb jock or superficial prep? There was (and is) more to you than meets the eye. Discover your true high school style with this fun quiz. 

Once you get your results, challenge your friends to take it too. Would you and your bestie have hung out in the same clique? If you and your significant other were still in high school, would your romance be the homeroom version of Romeo and Juliet? Take our quiz and find out! We promise it's better than whatever the cafeteria used to serve for lunch. 

It's the night before the first day of school. What are you thinking about?

You're back-to-school shopping with your mom. What item do you beg her to buy you?

In homeroom, who do you grab a seat next to?

In between classes, what are your friends most likely to find you doing?

Break for lunch! What's your favorite meal in the cafeteria?

When you finally have free periods to choose your own classes, what is you top elective?

Your friends talk you into joining the prom committee. What theme do you suggest for the dance?

What's your biggest school-related fear?

It's finally prom! What song do you ask the DJ to play?

For the senior yearbook, who originally said your quote?

You ask your parents to pick you up late after school. In what activity are you participating?

You finally have you driver's license. What's your first car?

High school romance! Young love! Where does your first kiss happen?

Say cheese! What do you wear for school picture day?

Your BFF convinces you to skip school. What do you two spend the day doing?

Grades are out, and you open your report card. Which class did you do the worst in?

The teacher catches you daydreaming in class. What are you doodling in your notebook?

Everyone loves homecoming! Which spirit day is your favorite?

What's one thing you secretly wish you could wear to school but know your friends would never let you live down?

Your parents bump into your teacher at the grocery store. How does your teacher describe you?

Which factor will influence your college decision the most?

You have a sleepover with your friends. What do you stay up all night talking about?

The senior class voted. What award did you win?

In your spare time, what part-time job do you get?

Because you're a teenager, you don't have much money. But on what do you spend your allowance?

It's Friday night, and you're headed to your first high school party. What are you most excited about?

You need a fresh pair of kicks. What brand are your new shoes?

It's Valentine's Day. What does your crush leave in your locker to let you know they like you too?

Spring break time! How are you spending it?

Which movie embodies your high school experience the best?

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