What's Your Ghost Name?

Mark Lichtenstein

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About This Quiz

The appeal of ghosts, their lives and their untimely or strange deaths is quite strong today-- even with science and technology explaining away many of the supposed sightings. There is also a rich cultural tradition around ghosts, such as telling ghost stories around the campfire or the abundance of ghost tours in many major cities. This popularity may stem from the need to explore our own anxieties about our mortality. And it can be helpful for many people to talk about the existence of ghosts as some sort of proof of the enduring nature of the soul or to have the ability to connect to a person's spirit after death. 

But one of the things that makes a ghost story most appealing is the name of the ghost and how it conjures up chills and thrills just by saying the name. Think of what type of ghost you would want to be. Something like Casper, the friendly ghost, or a ghost that strikes dread in the heart like Freddy Krueger? This quiz will help you see yourself in a ghostly manner. You'll be asked a series of questions about your outlook on life, your likes, dislikes and your social interactions. Your answers will help us match you with a vision of a ghost who is most like you.  Don't be afraid to take this quiz right now. 

Where are you from?

Are you cool?

Are you frightening?

Do you have a day job?

What would you have done had you not died?

What do you yearn for in death?

Which song appeals to you?

What great movie monster do you admire?

Which gangster appeals to you?

Which serial killer do you think would have killed you?

What would you wear to your birthday party?

Would you have many guests at your birthday party?

How many birthday party guests would be true friends?

Who did you look up to in life?

What religion did you follow in life?

Are you still religious in death?

What is being dead like?

Are you a friendly ghost?

Which horror author would best capture your story?

How mighty were you in life?

How mighty are you in death?

Is death all you had hoped it would be?

Do you fear anything, now that you are dead?

Do you tend to haunt one place or move around?

Do you spend time with other ghosts?

Do you wish you were in the afterlife rather than hanging around Earth?

Which show do you like best?

As a ghost, do you kill?

If you were to kill someone while a ghost, would you worry about what would happen to your soul?

Do you enjoy being a ghost?

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