What's Your Gadget IQ?

By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Gadgets are small, supposedly ingenious tools that help us accomplish tasks - or at least look really cool. But they're only helpful if you know what you're doing. Do you?

You came to the phone store to buy a new phone. The one you wanted is suddenly half off. There's a newer model! What do you do?

All the remaining pistachios are impossible to open with a naked hand. What do you do?

What's a life hack?

No, I meant, can you tell me a good life hack?

Do you have a drawer full of random electronics you no longer use?

Do you have a budget for gadgets?

What's the difference between a gadget and a toy?

What's the difference between a gadget and a tool?

Can you change a tire?

How old were you when you got your first penknife?

What can you do with dental floss, other than floss?

Can you sew on a button?

Can you knit?

Have you ever handmade a Halloween costume?

What model phone do you have?

When is it time to upgrade your phone?

How many gadgets do you have to chop food?

How many gadgets purchased in the last 3 years have you used in the last year?

Could you start a fire without matches?

Do you know how to tie more than one sort of knot?

Do you make do and mend?

What does a stitch in time do?

The condom broke. It was the last one and the store is closed. What can you substitute?

You have a headache but no pills. What helps?

How do you open a jar that won't open?

You want to look around a corner without being spotted. What can you use?

Who is allowed on your lawn?

Do you have a smart home?

Do you have an Echo?

What percentage of the apps on your phone do you actually use in a given month?

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