What’s Your Dark Power?

Talin Vartanian

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About This Quiz

You might be the most angelic person in the world, but guess what? You actually have a dark side to you that you may not be fully aware of yet. The dark sides of human beings often remain hidden like a shadow, and only appear when you're faced with the temptation to commit one of the seven deadly sins. The question is, how well can you control your feelings when faced with the temptation to do something evil? And better yet, have you ever done something evil or selfish? 

While some people are not fully aware of their dark powers yet, many others have full control over them. They have embraced their dark sides and typically commit sins for a selfish benefit. But some people are also on the fence about such dark powers, as they remain unsure about which side of life to transition to. 

While we're not telling you which side to choose, we will ask you to always go with your instincts when it comes to choosing a dark or a light side. In other words, tap into your inner soul to find out how you really think and behave when faced with temptation. If you're having trouble with this, we'll help you out with this dark quiz!

If you had a superpower, would you use it for more good or evil deeds in this world?

If your life was like a tunnel, would there be any glimpse of light at the end of it?

When you become angry, what kind of legendary creature do you turn into?

Do you feel like you're more of a dark and evil person now than how you used to be?

Let's say that your friend has dared you to steal a pack of bubblegum for them. Would you do it?

Do you have more energy during the early morning hours or the late night hours of the day?

Have you ever lied to someone you love for your own selfish benefits?

Which of these classic horror films would you like to watch with some friends on a Friday night?

Does your soul represent the sun, moon or the stars in the sky?

Do you believe in the existence of any of the following: ghosts, demons or aliens?

If you could have one of these animals as your side kick, which one would you pick?

Would you rather have dark black eyes or eyes that glow red during the night?

Is the concept of evil more abstract or is it always right in front of us?

If you saw the grim reaper suddenly appear in front of you, what would you say to them?

What kinds of fears are currently holding you back in life?

Everyone has a great smile, but which of these adjectives would you use to describe yours?

You are allowed to temporarily switch lives with one of these Disney villains. Who do you choose?

Which of these poisonous flowers would you like to grow in an evil garden?

The seven deadly sins are always around us, even when we don't see them. Which of these sins are you guilty of?

Do you find that life is more humorous or more of a misfortune?

Embrace your dark side by matching your personality to one of these Star Wars villains. Which of them would it be?

You've just found yourself within Dante's Inferno. Which of the nine circles of Hell will you succumb to?

What do you think is the scariest part about being alone in the dark?

Are you brave enough to visit a haunted cemetery at night by yourself?

Can you sense any emotions, thoughts and feelings in other people?

If you had superpowers, who would you want to tell your secret to?

Which of these evil images would you want to get a tattoo of?

Which of these Hogwarts houses do you think you would be placed into within the Harry Potter universe?

Can you control your feelings of anger and guilt well or do you feel the need to express them?

You see a man approach you who says he is lost. Will you give him any directions?

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