What's Your Celtic Spirit Animal?

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The ancient Celtic peoples were into animism, the idea that the Divine could be found in the nature around them and that animals themselves could be manifestations of spirits or gods. For the Celts, there were spirits in pretty much all things around them, from the birds in the sky to the snakes in the grass to the grass itself. For that reason, any animal that was part of their world held some kind of significance. A deer was never just a deer, and a rabbit was never just a rabbit. These creatures held meaning and were symbolic of something greater.

If you ever look into astrology, you might discover some Celtic astrology and what some people refer to as the Celtic zodiac. It's like your regular zodiac chart in that it divides the year up into lunar cycles and a different animal is assigned to each one, as opposed to star signs like the zodiac you're probably used to. That's because these animals were so significant to Celtic culture, their influence could be felt everywhere. Everywhere, you ask? Yes! Even in you! If you're curious to see what your Celtic spirit animal might be, you have one solution! Take the quiz, tell us about yourself, and discover with powerful creature lines up best with who you are!

If you're spending the day alone with the TV, how do you decide what to watch?

If you're hitting up the gym for a workout, what machine are you spending most of your time using?

If you could go anywhere on Earth on vacation, where would you go?

What's your absolute favorite genre of movie to watch?

Which one of these old-time​ presidential campaign slogans would you have used for your own campaign?

Housework is unavoidable, but which household chore do you enjoy the least?

If you're in the mood for fast food, which chain are you most likely to hit up?

If you won the lottery, what kind of house do you think you'd buy?

If somebody disrespects you at work, how do you respond?

There's a big party this weekend, what's your role going to be?

What classic sitcom do you never get sick of watching?

So what's the ideal way to spend a hot, lazy summer day?

The Avengers are Earth's greatest heroes, you know. Which one of the Avengers do you relate to the most?

Which one of these stores gets you the most excited for shopping?

If you were going to buy yourself some jewelry, what metal would it be made of?

What topping is the most important one to put on a hot dog?

If you were going to hit up a live sporting event, what sport would you most likely be going to?

Say you're driving on a long road trip with only the radio to keep you company. What kind of music are you listening to?

You like to have breakfast, right? What's the best kind of cereal out there?

There are many cartoons out there that aren't necessarily for kids. What animated show do you love to watch?

It's hard to resist your sweet tooth sometimes. Pick the best kind of candy!

Suppose you were an Olympic athlete. Which sport would you be playing to take home the gold?

There have been more books written than one person could ever read in a lifetime. That said, what book would you read twice?

You're looking forward to a relaxing weekend and a friend calls. They need you to help them move. What do you say?

The Celts may be gone, but their cultural influence lives on. What historical Celtic site would you like to visit?

Do you consider yourself pretty level-headed or are you a bit of a dreamer?

How often would you say friends come to you for life advice?

Do you ever feel a little tuned in? Like maybe you have a sixth sense?

The Celts left behind a few recipes for us to enjoy. Which dish with roots in Celtic culture sounds tastiest?

It's St. Patrick's Day! How are you going to celebrate?

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