Quiz: What's Your '60s Name?
What's Your '60s Name?
By: Jennifer Post
Image: Tom Kelley Archive/Retrofile RF/Getty Images

About This Quiz

You know how it's said that people start to look like their name? And you can't imagine that person with any other name? Well, what about just an older version of their name, or a name that completely fits their personality but just in a different time? All throughout history, names have taken on many variations, and some names were just completely new to everyone. But the names that have stood the test of time, or have been updated for the times, are still very relevant. Old-fashioned names sort of become root names for more modern ones. If you like the name Kelly but don't love it, try Kelsey. 

You might be wondering how it's even possible to assign names to someone that aren't in fact their names. Names are also about personality, when you really think about it. Why are the names "Chad" and "Brad" used to describe typical American, white, college frat boys? Because you've met so many of them with that persona that now it just sticks. Why are the names "Stacy" and "Becky" associated with basic white girls? Same reason. Of course, this is never a blanket statement, but it works. So which name would you have had in the '60s based on your personality? Take this quiz to find out!

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What was or would have been your favorite part of the '60s?

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Do you remember who had the first star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

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What is your favorite Olympic sport?

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Out of the choices below, who is your favorite person born in the '60s?

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If you could pick any music to listen to from the '60s, what would it be?

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Who is your favorite author of the choices below?

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Do you prefer the beach, the mountains, the city or your home?

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Who is your favorite '60s movie star?

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Which of the 1960s fashion trends would you wear today?

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What do you watch the Super Bowl for?

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Did you have a favorite Sesame Street character?

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What is your favorite movie that premiered in the 1960s?

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Which member of the Brady Bunch do you identify the most with?

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Which car from the '60s would you love to have right now?

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If you could pick any other decade to live in, which one would it be?

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