Quiz: What Zodiac Sign Is Most Likely to Fall in Love With You?
What Zodiac Sign Is Most Likely to Fall in Love With You?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: PeopleImages/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

There's nothing more complicated than love -- except for maybe the zodiac! With 12 signs to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which one you love the most, let alone the one that is most likely to fall in love with you. With this quiz, we've taken the mystery out of reading the stars and made a way to let you know where to look for your next relationship. 

While traditional astrology sites can only tell you if you are compatible or not compatible with other signs, we can tell you exactly which sign could be your true love. As we all know, there's a big difference between love and compatibility. You might be compatible with your boss's sense of humor, but it doesn't mean you want to devote your life to them! 

Instead of going on another date that leads to heartache or embarrassment, answer our questions about your relationship hopes and your relationship style. When you're finished, we will have gathered enough information about you to see you through the eyes of each zodiac sign. Then, we'll let you know which of the 12 star signs will fall in love with you and love you like you've never been loved before. Brace yourself!

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Out of these zodiac signs, which one do you find most intellectually attractive?

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Which of the zodiac animals are you most like when you are falling in love?

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Which gift are you most likely to give for a first anniversary?

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Which word would your ex use to describe your relationship?

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When you meet someone you like, do you check your astrological compatibility?

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Which of the zodiac elements describes your first relationship?

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What are you like when you try to flirt?

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Who is the first person you tell when you meet someone interesting?

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If you see your best friend making a relationship mistake, do you speak up?

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