What Zodiac Matches Your Inner Mermaid?

Ian Fortey

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You can trace tales of fish-tailed humans all the way back to Mesopotamia and Babylon. The idea of people in the sea is about as old as folklore itself, and it's not too surprising when you think about it. What could have been more mysterious to ancient people than the sea? Think of what we still don't know about our oceans. Even today, we are discovering incredible new life forms in the depths of the ocean with our advanced technology. It's the last frontier left in the world, and it's an endless source of mystery and wonder. It's also the home of mermaids.

Mermaids have taken on many different roles in stories over the years. They bring comedy and romance — and even horror sometimes. But at their core, mermaids represent something fantastic, something wondrous and hidden and beyond belief. They are very much like the secret side we all keep hidden from the world, the part of us that dares to dream impossible things, where all our hopes and fantasies are born. 

Everyone has that inner mermaid, a wonderous part of our soul that keeps us feeling alive and keeps us dreaming. Want to know which sign of the zodiac matches up best with that part of you? All you need to do is take a dip in our quiz!

The Pirates of the Caribbean ran across some mermaids once. Which Caribbean island would you most want to visit?

Of all the animals featured on the Western zodiac, which would you most want as a pet?

The Chinese zodiac has some cool animals. Which is your favorite?

Which movie about mermaids is your favorite?

How often do you read your horoscope?

Sometimes a horoscope just won't cut it. Have you ever gone to visit a psychic?

Have you ever experienced a Tarot card reading?

Aside from mermaids, what mythical creature do you feel a connection with?

How often do you like to go swimming?

Do you know what element matches your zodiac sign?

Mermaids can have some pretty eclectic hair. Pick your color!

The Little Mermaid had some memorable fish friends. What kind of fish would you hang out with?

No matter how long a mermaid stays on land, the call of the ocean is hard to resist. Which ocean are you calling home?

Some people think mermaid legends are based on manatees. What do you think?

Some of the coolest monsters come from the deep. Pick your favorite!

Any chance your horoscope has ever been accurate?

What's more accurate, a horoscope or a fortune cookie?

How good are you when it comes to swimming?

When you meet someone you might be interested in dating, do you ever ask them their sign?

Do you believe the universe has a plan for everyone?

Do you prefer the story of "The Little Mermaid" by Hans Christian Andersen or the Disney movie?

Pick the best non-mermaid Disney princess!

Have you ever built a sandcastle at the beach?

Mermaid tails come in a rainbow of colors. What's yours?

"The Little Mermaid" has some incredibly memorable songs. Which one do you remember the most?

If you're having fish for dinner, what's on the menu?

We're setting up a fish tank! What kind do you think would make the best pet?

So is Aquaman basically a merman or what?

Would you leave your whole world behind for love?

Which zodiac do you think is the most reliable?

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